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Bridgelink's Mission

Our mission as a non profit, family support organization, is anchored on our combined passion and vision to assist families with unique needs and requirements.  Our task is straightforward. Find the need, and meet the need. We have created a special and talented team of people to serve the families of Nevada. We have developed an assessment program to discover those needs and create a strategic plan developed by a team of trainers. We believe in limitless possibilities and aspire to collaborate with the family to attain the very best outcome.  

The family unit is the cornerstone of our culture. It is the first line of support for individuals that are facing life’s many challenges. It is vitally important to support the family to have a healthy and thriving society. We are absolutely committed to the sanctity and dignity of the family and approach our families as the experts of their own culture.


Who are we?

Bridgelink started as a combined dream of three motivated people, Pam Berek, Cheri Day and Sue McKendricks. All three of us have special needs children (now adults) and have been navigating the special needs world for decades. Over the years we saw first hand how difficult it is for families to navigate the special needs community, find resources and obtain advice. It is our passion to change this. We begun our mission by providing free family support and advocacy at IEP and 504 meetings in the schools in Northern Nevada.  We work with our families differently than most.   We know that parents 'only know what they know'.  How can you ask for help if you don't know what kind of help is available?  We are not lawyers or intend on taking the place of legal advice.  However, we are parents trying to help other parents attain the best outcomes for their children. 

Now we also help families access needed resources, host family meetups, do parent trainings and host special events as well as have Blessing's Thrift Store and Boutique. The proceeds from Blessing's all go to help support Bridgelink and our mission to help families and support our community.

The Future...

We are very excited to continue to grown Bridgelink and have high ambitions.  We hope to find a larger location in 2023 to house our Blessing's Thrift Shop, open a Job Training Facility for Special Needs Adults, a Day HAB program, Educational Center and Therapy Center all under one roof.  We are always looking for volunteers to help us on our journey to support our special needs community and help give our clients have full and meaningful life by integrating them into our community and supporting their passions.  Please contact us if you would like to join our family of volunteers.

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